21st century fascism : strengthening the Police-State in France

21st century fascism : strenhening the Police-State in France

The former minister of Police becoming the new French Prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve decided to prolong the state of emergency approved a fifth extension by both by the national Assembly early Wednesday and by the Senate yesterday, Thursday under the pretext of terrorism but its hidden goal remains the struggle against the working class and the dismantlement of the main welfare laws protecting the workers against the overexploitation of the labor force. This fifth extension of the state of emergency until the May 2017 presidential elections, aims to restraint the basic democratic rights which will continue to be suspended paving the way for the strengthening of the Police state in France in particular in prospect of the accession to power of the neo fascist, François Fillon and his party Les Republicains( LR) after Hollande declined to run for a second term and especially after the disintegration of the Socialist Party. The prolongation of the state of emergency by the socialist government will provide the neo fascist, François Fillon a legal base targeting essentially the working class and the remaining of the welfare laws in particular the privatization of the Social security.