United States and the making of Europe

United States and the making of Europe In early November 1946, the Republicans had won control of both houses of Congress and this unexpected election of an extremely conservative Republican Congress  gave an impetus to the anti-communist crusade inaugurated by Winston Churchill at Fulton, Missouri.  In their... [ Continue Reading ]

Anti-communism :Early Anti-Reds Crusade

Anti-communism : Early Anti-Reds Crusade On November 18, 1918, Kolchak overthrow the somewhat democratic regime at Omsk;  The allied intervened in behalf of Admiral Kolchak six months afzetr the armictice six months after any . This Allied intervention was done to a country which no one... [ Continue Reading ]

Anti-communism : political roots

Anti-communism : political roots The Revolution of  1917 inaugurates a new era in the modern history and especially that of the Twentieth century.  With the victory of the Russian, emerged in Europe and later over the world a rival system  and this revolution was the most... [ Continue Reading ]