What is Totalitarianism ?

What is totalitarianism ? The first thing to do when we have to deal with the question of totaliatrianism is, as prealable, to  put aside all those received ideas, clicjés,  stereotypes and schèmes established and widespreaded in the aftermath of the Second Wordl War, by the paid and... [ Continue Reading ]

Natural right and imperialism

Natural right and imperialism Natural right had been used by western imperialism as ideological weapon  in order to conquer territories and to dismember old empires in Europe( Spansih and Ottoman empires) and in Asia (Chinese and Persian empires). Broadly defined, the concept of natural right is that... [ Continue Reading ]

European totalitarianism (2)

European totalitarianism (2)  In the aftermath of the First World War, the main concern of the victorious powers was less the peace in itself that of how dealing with this new and dangerous threat which was the Bolshevism. Indeed, Versailles's peace-settlement imposed by the major... [ Continue Reading ]

European totalitarianism (1)

European totalitarianism (1)     European totalitarianism can be traced back first to the "total war" waged by the French armies during the Revolution, to Bonaparte dictatorship and to his nineteenth century’s offshoot the Bonapartism embodied by Napoleon III and Bismarck and then to the First World... [ Continue Reading ]

Rise of Bonapartism (2)

Rise of Bonapartism (2) Behind the The rise and the srenghtening of Bonapartism after the Napoleonic wars in europe lay major changes and  radical innovation and the major and determinant fact the emergence of the working-xclass as an indepdendent and self-concious force in politics in... [ Continue Reading ]

Rise of Bonapartism (1)

Rise of Bonapartism (1) After the collapse of the democratic Republic of the Year II created with the aid of the sans-culottes, succeeded the property-owners' republic of Thermidor and the Directory, giving way to Bonaparte and his military dictatorship. With the accession of Robespierre and... [ Continue Reading ]