WEST-USSR’s unnatural Alliance

 WEST-USSR's unnatural Alliance By entering the Second World War, war along the united States, Britain and France, the Soviet leadership was well aware not only that their alliance had been, all things considered, dictated by fortuitous conjunction of circumstances but also and at first, unnatural alliance. . Indeed, Stalin... [ Continue Reading ]

The myth of Soviet expansionism (5)

The myth of Soviet expansionism (5) When President Truman took office and announced the main features of what became later the Truman Doctrine, he was angry and outraged about the "Russian occupation of eastern Poland and the occupation of that part of Germany east of the Oder... [ Continue Reading ]

Double-standard Western Democracy

Double-standard Western Democracy "Free elections" in Eastern Europe but not in Western Europe Among the principal issues dealt with at Yalta Conference was the question of free elections in Eastern Europe. At Yalta Conference the West still believed that eastern Europe could be kept in... [ Continue Reading ]