Truman Doctrine : containment or Encirclement of Soviet Union and suppression of all revolution ?

Truman Doctrine : containment or Encirclement of Soviet Union and suppression of all revolutions ?

The Truman Doctrine is included in the message read by President Harry Truman to a joint session of the two Houses of Congress on marsh 12, 1947. The official and public reason for Truman message was Greece and turkey where “the Terroristic activities of several thousand armed men, led by communists had created a situation with which the Greek and Turkish Governments could not cope. In order to cope with these “communist subversion”, Truman proposed to “help free people to maintain their free institutions and their national integrity against aggressive movements that seek to impose upon them totalitarian regimes”; To Truman, it was matter of life or death to choice between alternative ways of life, between free institutions and the other by terror and oppression  he believed that United States must implement a new policy aiming at supporting free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressure” . by concluding his message, Truman asked for four hundred million dollars for Greece and Turkey and authority to detail civilian and military personal to them. In short words, the United States ought to suppress wherever a communiits rebellion developed the United Stets would become the world’s anti-communist, anti-Russian policeman.