Belarra’s courageous stance

While the so called left in France and in Germany is clearly siding with current massacre of the Gazans by the far right government of Netanyahu, dissident voices especially in Sapin and Ireland, among them there is Podemos’s head Ione Bellara minister of social rights, member of the coalition that is supporting the socialist government Pedro Sanchez, are raising their critics denouncing Israel’s war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip. Belarra’s courageous posture concerning the Israeli-Hamas conflict is the single strong voice coming from the European left requesting the Spanish government to severe diplomatic ties with Israeli government, imposing sanctions and bringing Netanyahu before the International criminal Court for war crimes, genocide and crimes against the humanity committed against civilian and defenceless populations in Gaza. Along Belarra, one can cite the name of another courageous politician Clare Daly, member of the European Parliament since 2019 denouncing in her frequent speeches in Strasbourg, Israeli’s policy in the occupied Palestinian territories based on apartheid and colonization. In Germany, one can cite Sahra Wagenknecht, the longtime face of The Left, which has roots in East Germany’s Communist Party, is a longtime supporter of the Palestinian cause especially in this time during Israeli bombing of Gaza. In France except the leftist leader of the Insubmissive France, and some organizations and the Trade Union, CGT, all the so called left parties are supporters of Israeli onslaught on the Palestinians in Gaza.