Courageous Craig Mokhiber who resigned from the UN Human rights

Craig Mokhiber, former director of the UN high Commissioner of Human Rights resigned from his post on November 1. One can only welcome this courageous position of a high ranking official working for 32 years within the UN. This testimony of Mr Mokhiber is very precious as it can be used in the future as evidence to be filed against Israeli’s war criminals starting by the PM Netanyahu and ven if there is a real International justice, the western leaders who became guilty and accomplices of Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian civilians. When Craig Mokhiber accuses Israel for committing a genocide in the Gaza Strip, as a lawyer expert in Humanitarian international law, he knows of what he is speaking about. In fact, what is going on in Gaza since one month, is a mere genocide as pointed out by Mokhiber who, in addition, reveals the mere submission of the United Nations to the very powerful international Jewish lobbies preventing any serious action to take against Israel and to apply the numerous resolutions voted in the UN since 1967.