Courageous Podemos’s Ione Belarra’s

Since the start of ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, this very courageous minister, Ione Belarra, head of the Podemos party in Spain, at odds with the Spanish Establishment, even with her partner in the Sumar coalition led by the Socialist Pedro Sanchez, violently criticized Israeli onslaught on civilians in Gaza, accusing the Spanish government of complicity and connivance in respect to the far right government of Netanyahu. Belarra’s dissident voice in support of Palestinians in Gaza subjugated to hours of bombing per day contrasts with blind submission of European and US warmonger Establishment to Israel and its far right government of Netanyahu. In France and in UK, criticizing Israeli offensive in Gaza could lead to jail for antisemitism, crime apology and terrorism. For example, in France, the demonstrations in support of Palestinians are banned. One city councillor of the city of Echirolles, in the nearby of Grenoble, southeastern France is subject to prosecution by the prosecutor for antisemitism and support to terrorist organization after posting in X calling Israel, fascist state and hailing attack of Hamas as heroic resistance. Social media are subjected to implacable censorship and dissident voices and European Commissar Thierry Breton asked Elon Musk to censure on X under the fallacious pretext of fake news. Elon Mush has rightly asked Breton to produce evidence about the so called fake news.  The British state fund affiliated broadcaster, BBC News Arabic journalists taken off Air, some of whom are stationed in Egypt and Beirut seemingly voiced support for Palestine or challenged Israel’s viewpoint. A journalist had “liked” a post which labeled Hamas,  as “freedom fighters”.They are currently subject to probe into their activities as BBC personnel. The news agency has previously come under fire over its portrayal of Hamas, calling for the BBC to use the term “terrorists” but not “militants”. UK-based Guardian newspaper fired its long-time cartoonist Steve Bell after a recent outcry over a cartoon of Benjamin Netanyahu