Does Democracy really exist?

Does Democracy really exist ?

What we call today democracy in the West is but a fake and trompe l’oeil democracy that has nothing to do with the very definition of the term, a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Multipartism is but a fake and trompe l’oeil multipartism as since 200 years, the political parties accepted to run for and to rise to power are those prone to protect the interests of capitalists and exploited class inside and outside the borders of the state. The history of US interventions since the end of the WWII to topple hostile regimes and to replace them by puppet ones all over the world shows that only parties or politicians subject to capitalist class imperatives can come to power.The freedom of expression is but a fake and trompe l’oeil freedom of expression as the mass media doomed to manipulate the public opinion and determine the choice of the voters in the ballot box are controlled by capitalist class and the its subservient state whose role is to tame the labor force, to reproduce classes and relations of production, to maintain oppressed layers into submission and to preserve the statu quo through laws and legislation benefiting the ruling class and both repressive apparatus police, army and ideological apparatus committed to manipulate the human psychism, to make the masses mindless, idiot, to bewitch and to deceive them