Erdogan’s proposal for peace in Palestine

Turkish president Erdogan told reporters on Saturday that Turkey is ready to assume the responsibility of guarantor state in the Gaza strip adding that his country is working for final peace. What does mean Erdogan by final peace ? Frankly, speaking about final peace in the present time is a mere utopia, impossible mission as there is no credible mediator who seems to be able to convince both sides, the Israeli and the Palestinians to sit down on the same table to discuss the different was leading to a fair and durable peace. The only credible mediator was the United States and its European vassals which sponsored Oslo Accords 30 years ago have been discredited after taking sides with their protected Israeli state. By looking back to Oslo Accords, we can say without contradicting themselves that they were a mere plot hatched against the Palestinians giving Israel enough time to expand its colonies, establishing new settlers on Palestinian lands and dividing the Palestinians by supporting the rise of Islamic  movement, Hamas, against secular movement, the PLO led by Yasser Arafat. By celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oslo Accords signed in the White on October 13,1993, we cannot help but think to the Minsk Accords sponsored by France and Germany signed in 2015 which were a mere deception, to give Ukraine enough time to strengthen its army with the support of NATO’s states member, before assaulting the Russian speaking region, the Donbass. That is to say, the peace in Palestine and in Ukraine was least of worries of the collective West. Russia could have been a credible mediator for peace in the Middle East giving its neutral position in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, and giving its friendly relationships with all the countries of the Middle East, but the collective west will make its best to sabotage any Russian initiative. As did it by sabotaging the early Russian Ukraine negotiations in Turkey in April 2022 when the British warmonger PM Boris Johnson hurried to convince Zelensky to stop all pushing the British and American Intelligence agencies to engineer the Hollywoodian show of Butcha