Hungary’s nazi nostaly

One can say without making a mistake, that there is no new under the sun, the history is repeating itself with the latest statements of Hungarian minister Janos Lazar glorifying Miklos Horthy, a notorious nazi Hungarian leader, alleging “If anything, Horthy was three things: an exceptional head of state, a true Hungarian patriot, and a heroic soldier” calling for “an objective assessment” of Horthy’s life. “The further we get from 1920-1944, the more objectively we can judge him This glorification of former Hungarian dictator who ruled Hungary from 1920 to 1944 is part of the general atmosphere representing the trend and tune in Europe and the West in general, the revival and nazi nostalgy and its corollary the revisionism in history illustrated by a resolution voted by the European Parliament on September 19, 2019 putting in the same basket, Nazism and Russia’s Stalin during the WWII. The glorification of Horthy also called the Hungarian Pétain, must be put in parallel and to compare with a strong comeback and the revival of nazi nostalgy in all Eastern European countries, former socialist bloc, expressing by two manners (1) rehabilitation of their nazi past and their leaders who actively collaborated with Nazi Germany, (2) erasing the Soviet legacy of resistance and huge sacrifice in lives, 30 million civilians and military dead to crush Hitler regime and to get rid the humanity of its supremacist and racist ideology alleging the existence of hierarchy between human beings, the white race sent by the providence to educate and lead the colour races, the Untermenschen. Josep Borrell didn’t say anything different when he compared Europe as Garden and the jungle which is the rest of the world. A second illustration of revival and strong comeback of nazi nostalgy among European and Americans, the colour revolution in Ukraine in 2014 driving Stepen Bandera partisans to power secretly fomented by the West. Yesterday, Americans neo nazi supporter of Ukrainian banderites took to the streets of Florida calling for the re-election of Biden who is currently supporting financially and military Kiev regime. It is worth noticing that the united States and Ukraine opposed all resolutions presented by Russia condemning Nazism while hypocritically the same United states seems very upset by the declaration of Hungarian minister glorifying the nazi past of his country. Miklos Horthy was put in power in Hungary by the united States, France, Great Britan after they crushed revolutionary  Bela Kun who proclaimed in Budapest on March 21,1919, a Soviet republic inspired by Lenin Bolshevik revolution. After their failed attempt to crush the Bolshevik revolution by arming and supporting the reactionary White Russian by intervening directly in Russia in 1918, the USA, France and UK have put in power in Eastern Europe anti Bolshevik regimes used as cordon sanitaire(sanitary cordon), a bulwark against the propagation of Bolshevism and communist revolutions during the interwar period including fascism in Italy in 1922, Nazism in Germany and Latin America. Latest illustration of nazi past of Eastern Europe, alongside Horthy, Bandera, the USA, France, and UK put in power  the polish dictator Josef Pilsudski, president from 1918 to 1922, and anew from 1926 following un coup d’état till his death in 1935.