International justice, what international justice ?

On Wednesday, addressing the 10 th emergency special session of the UN General Assembly, Russian permanent representative to the UN Vassily Nebenzia declared Israel as occupying force has no right to self defense confirmed by the International Court of Justice requested to pronounce advisory opinion on the question. Such Nebenzia’s statement clarifies previous position fraught with serious ambiguity by terming “Russia condemns the October 7 attack on Israel and recognizes Israel’s right to ensure its security, but it can only be guaranteed if there is a just solution to the Palestinian issue” If we look closely to Nebenzia’s emphasis, one can say Russia recognizes Israel’s onslaught on the populations of the Gaza Strip, as mass killings amounted after 25 days of bombing to more than 9000 including 3500 children and 2100 women, could be seen as retaliatory measures  aimed at ensuring Israel’s security. The main problem posed by those seeking to request the International Criminal Court for trying Netanyahu and civilian and military high ranking officials participating as accomplices of war crimes consists of how one can qualify Israeli’s massacre in Gaza, aimed at ensuring Israel’s security recognized by Russia or a self defense considered by the Russian Federation as void and null as an occupying power has no right to use it as false pretext to perpetuate the occupation of Palestinian lands, continuing the expulsion of Palestinians from their home by Israeli settlers, grabbing more and more lands by those Jewish settlers of the remaining of already tiny Palestinian territory.   Till now, Israel has violated all resolutions of the UN, its incalculable war crimes committed against the Palestinian people since its creation in 1948 have been superbly ignored supported by its protected western countries, calling themselves the “International community”, which do not hesitate to manipulate the international organizations and mainly the international justice used as political weapon against recalcitrant and disobedient regimes in the Middle East and Africa. Only few critical voices in the West have called for trying Israel for war crimes resulting from mass killings,depriving the civilian populations of food, water, power, destruction of about half of Gazan infrastructures, while the politicized International criminal court hurried to issue an international arrest warrant against Russian president Putin for “kidnapping Ukrainian children” who rather saved them from announced death, victims of incessant shelling of the Donbass since Maidan coup in 2014 by Kiev regime.