Israel and Hamas tunnels

One month after the surprise Hamas attack, except the mass killings of Palestinian civilians, more than 9400 victims, including more than 3500 children and more than 2500 women, huge destruction of nearly 45% of Gazan infrastructures, the conflict between Israel and Hamas appears to be stalled and till now there is no any cease fire in sight blocked in the Security Council by the collective West which gave Israel a licence to kill the Palestinians in Gaza. During the previous 30 days, Israeli defense forces have desperately tried to put an end to Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, in vain. Over decades, Israeli and western propaganda shaped the myth of invincibility of the Jewish State, its army and its intelligence agencies by using high and advanced technologies able to cope with any threat coming from outside chiefly from Palestinian enclave of Gaza ruled by Hamas. According to Two US experts in military affairs, Scott Ritter and Mac Gregor, Israel didn’t accomplish till now the main goal eradicating Hamas because of Hamas three-tired underground tunnels, the first level for communication between units, transfer of weapons and ammunition. The second level contains workshops and factories for making missiles, and the third tier, at a depth of around 40-60 meters underground, hosts headquarters, which are protected by a concrete-reinforced cover. The second main reason why Israeli army didn’t succeed is the nature and the composition of the Israeli defense forces itself – outside of, for instance, the pilots, some senior officers – the vast majority of the defense force is a conscript military,” that means that the soldiers engaged in the ground incursion in Gaza are composed of “18, 19, 20-year-old kids with no meaningful experience whatsoever.” In such conditions imposed by Hamas underground tunnels, ground forces, tanks, infantry, and armored forces seem to be impotent and ineffective as the advance of Israeli infantry would be curbing by rubble-strewn streets of Gaza exposed to sniper fire and ambushes. Israeli vehicles will find themselves hemmed in without the ability to manoeuvre, making themselves vulnerable to mines, improvised explosive devices, and anti-tank weaponry. Under such circumstances, launching bombs from the air will be very difficult, neutralizing Israel’s greatest advantage. During the last 24 hours, 2000 US marines and 2000 Israeli troops have entered Gaza for recognition and research of ways to free Hamas hostages, but they were repelled and pushed away by Hamas militants.