Liberalism as ideology not economic and political system

There is no political and economic system that be called liberalism. There is only liberal ideology whose two main proponents are Thomas Hobbes and John Locke not be confounded with political and economic system dominated by the bourgeoisie and the capital. Economic liberalism promoted by Adam Smith is mere ideology having nothing to do with economic activities governed by the hidden hand of the market. Within liberal and economic system, it is not so called free market formed between consumer and producer, it exists only monopole as some big corporations control and impose their law where they are.This false typology and classification was promoted by the American and European political scientists in order to hide the very nature of capitalist system opposed to what so called dictatorial and authoritarian system represented by communist system. To be more precise, Liberalism is but a racist, supremacist, colonialist and imperialist ideology aimed used by Bismarck and his likes at Berlin conference in 1884 to justify their scramble for Africa. The USA resorted to liberal ideology to invade Cuba, the Philippines and other subjugated countries in Latin America. Endless wars led by the USA and its European vassals after the collapse of the USSR were made in the name of liberal ideology and not liberal system. The western invaders of Iraq in 2003 had no intention to impose democracy and liberal system there, their hidden objective was to control Iraqi oil. This was the case in Libya too. Concerning the BRICS, this global south organization is not alternative way to global capitalism dominated till now by the USA and its vassals all over the world. The BRICS like other transnational organizations like G20 and G7 is not more than a new emergent competitor whose member states are looking for more integration aimed to fit more and more into global capitalism.