Macron’s trip to Kazakhstan asking for Uranium

After German Olaf Scholz’s visit to Nigeria, the western African country the most populous country and possessing in its underground huge reserve of oil and gas, asking his president the corrupt and former drug dealer Bola Tinubu to supply Germany with gas following blindly and shamefully Washington and NATO member states in their proxy war in Ukraine, Macron arrived in Kazakhstan to ask for energy industry with focus on Uranium used in the reactors to produce power following the military coup in Niger, former French colony and principal supplier of Uranium, as the new leadership is trying to severe neocolonial ties with its former colonizer.  The trip of Scholz to Nigeria asking for gas supply and Macron to Astana mainly for uranium can tell us two things : first, Europe more precisely European economy is nothing without the raw materials imported from Russia, Africa and the Middle East, second, the European economy, chiefly German economy was expanding over the last two decades thanks to cheap energy mainly gas, oil and uranium, supplied by Russia. By imposing 19000 sanctions on Russia since 2014 without succeeding to kneel Russian economy, European economy in particular the two major economies of the European Union namely Germany and France, have been deprived of an irreplaceable source of cheap energy supplied by Russia the biggest state of the world whose subsoil is full of huge number of raw materials thoroughly used by European transformative industries over the last two decades. Since the Russian military special operation, as logical result of western sanctions on Russia, average European citizen is struggling to pay his numerous bills as the price of gas and power is soaring due to foolish sanctions imposed on Russian gas, inflation and prices of basic necessities are hitting record levels, to the point that the governments are constraint to intervene through extending support aimed at helping people of low income to pay their bills of power and to put gas in their cars to go to work. Now, as witnessed by Scholz’s trip to Nigeria and Macron’s visit to Kazakhstan, Germany and France stand at a precipice as there is no alternative to Russian cheap source of energy.