Rise of American dictotatorship (1)

Rise of American dictatorship (1) The genesis of American dictatorship began with Sahys's Rebellion (1786-1787) in massachusetts. A series of popular uprisings  at Northampton and Worcester. At Springfield, the leader of popualr uprising was daniel Shays an former captain in  the Continental army. To end the rebellion... [ Continue Reading ]

Ideological roots of western totalitarianism

Ideological roots of western totalitarianism  The natural law is a guide-post and lumber-room which points in different directions and permits a convenient diversity of arguments.  The theory of eighteenth-century jurists of the natural law Scholl justified conquest as a right incident to war. The failure... [ Continue Reading ]

Political roots of western totalitarianism

Political roots of western totalitarianism The struggle against the democracy and popular aspirations for democracy began before the American revolution through pamphlets and writings of its major leaders.  Among those who very early opposed democracy and popular aspirations for democracy ther was John Adams who... [ Continue Reading ]

Slavery and Imperialism

 SLAVERY AND IMPERIALISM Slavery was and still today remains an institution and a global system, albeit under disguised forms, of the first importance. Seen in historical perspective, it was a part of the western imperialism since the discovery of the “new World” and its rise... [ Continue Reading ]

Eurocentrism in International relations

EUROCENTRISM IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The International relations  has been marked since the peace of Westphalia in 1648 until today by western imperialism leading to endless and bloody wars, wars of conquest, colonial wars, military aggression, wars for plundering and subjugation of Non-European peoples, wars for... [ Continue Reading ]

The making of foreign policy

THE MAKING OF THE FOREIGN POLICY In the mainstream media and the academic circles, admittedly, the foreign policy makers are the president giving the general orientation allegedly implemented by his foreign minister.  The president and his foreign minister are nothing but a frontage and a... [ Continue Reading ]