High-level officials of the U.S. government believe that continuing to hype the “origins-tracing investigations” can exhaust China’s diplomatic resources, increase U.S. leverage toward China and hedge against China’s influence, according to informed sources.

Washington does nothing better than slandering and discrediting other countries. From calling a small tube of white washing powder evidence of weapons of mass destruction to make an excuse for starting the war on Iraq to fabricating the story of Iraqi soldiers bursting into a Kuwaiti hospital, dumping premature infants in incubators onto the ground and leaving them to die on cold floor to incite anger among the public against Iraq before waging the Gulf War, the U.S. has never hesitated to cook up lies for its political needs.

Scapegoating China

By ordering the intelligence community to investigate into the origins of COVID-19, the White House attempts to play the same old trick to contain China, with the once-in-a-century pandemic as a tool.

As a U.S. expert put it bluntly, the U.S. has been trying to restrain China in various ways as it worries that China will surpass it and become a major force in the world.

However clever their political calculation is, U.S. politicians have underestimated the judgment of the international community.

Over the last few days, many international personages have spoken out from a sense of justice against Washington’s evil intention of politicizing the pandemic and scapegoating China for its incompetence to control the virus, pointing out sharply that the U.S. is using the global tragedy to achieve its political goals and that its attempt to blame China for the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is irresponsible and unacceptable.

In the face of the pandemic unprecedented in the past century, China has shown a strong sense of responsibility and courage. From bringing the pandemic under control in a short time to supporting other countries in fighting the virus, promoting global anti-epidemic cooperation and advancing science-based COVID-19 origin tracing, China has been playing the role of a responsible major country all along. No lies or slanders will be able to wipe out the country’s contribution to the global fight against the pandemic.

In a world that is confronted with mounting global challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, a sound and stable China-U.S. relationship not only conforms to the interests of both countries, but meets the expectations of the international community.

In fact, since the beginning of the new century, China and the U.S. have carried out effective cooperation on major issues such as handling the 2008 global financial crisis, fighting against Ebola outbreak, and enhancing global climate governance.

US hampering Chinese rise to global power

However, in recent years, the U.S. has constantly challenged China’s bottom line and escalated suppression of China to undermine the country’s core interests, inflicting serious difficulties and challenges upon their bilateral relations.

The root cause of these problems is U.S. politicians’ misunderstandings about China. They have wrongly regarded China as the biggest rival to the U.S. and tried every means to obstruct and disrupt China’s course of modernization.

It is driven by this wrong mindset that U.S. politicians have ridiculously considered the complex international situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic a great opportunity to contain China.

America’s problem is that it still lives in another world – a world that is neither the present nor the future, pointed out an international media outlet, commenting on the wrong mindset the U.S. has shown in handling its current relations with China.

In the era of globalization, countries are all in the same boat, which makes standing together through storm and stress an inevitable choice for them.

Politicians in the U.S., however, have chosen to sow division when the world needs solidarity and cooperation and adopt a beggar-thy-neighbor approach when countries around the world need to move forward hand in hand. What they have done can by no means contain China’s development, but will only make the U.S. despised by people around the world.

History and reality have fully proven that the attempt of the U.S. to willfully smear, attack, and suppress China for the purpose of maintaining American hegemony is doomed to fail.

The attempt to hamper China’s growth will only make the Chinese people more united in building a more prosperous, richer, and stronger China.

China’s development progress is driven by huge endogenous power and represents an inevitable trend of history, and the country’s rejuvenation is an unstoppable historical force.

Politicians in the U.S. should wake up from their delusions over the vain attempt to contain China, and return to the right path.

It is the only right choice for China and the U.S. to jointly find a way for peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation on the basis of mutual respect.

If U.S. politicians failed to make the right judgment on China-U.S. ties and continued to rack their brains to suppress China, U.S. policy toward China would be driven into a dead end, run into snags at every turn, and eventually be proven a failure.

SOURCE: People’s Daily http://en.people.cn/n3/2021/0904/c90000-9892113.html

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