Rise of American dictotatorship (1)

Rise of American dictatorship (1)

The genesis of American dictatorship began with Sahys’s Rebellion (1786-1787) in massachusetts. A series of popular uprisings  at Northampton and Worcester. At Springfield, the leader of popualr uprising was daniel Shays an former captain in  the Continental army. To end the rebellion an army of four thousand four hundred men was raised and put Under the command of general Lincoln supported by troops funded by voluntary loans from wealthy citizens iof Boston and othe towns. thanks to the governor james Bowdoin the insurrection was at lenght suppressed but Shays’s Rebellion had a far-reaching political conséquences. the rebellion by disclosing the danger strengthen the hands of the conservatives who were seeking for a strong power able to prevent further popualr uprisings. the ultimate  and the most ultimate conséquences of Shays’s rebellion was the laying down the foundations of American dictatorship with the establsihment of political institutions and the creation of a strong governemetn and a striong executive capable of insuring domestic tranquility” and the proetction of the property. shays’s rebellion was the pretext for Wahington for underlying the inadequacy of the Articles of Confederation  and for  claiming  a corecive power and a new political reorganization.. Experience of Shays’s rebellion taught the necessity of bestowing on some central authority the power to prevent more disorders and social and popualr uprisnings.  A partir fo these cosndierations emegede the necessity of building an imperial organization  Virginia Plan recommended that a national executive was to be estabslished consisting of a supreme legisaltive, Executive and judiciary. the establishment of the United States was the making and the outcome of a coup d’étata fomented by the federalists as the supporters of the Cosntitution called themselves. in pennsylvania state convention whicj met Novemver 21, 1787. On September 17, 1787, The new constitution of the United states had been definitely ratiifed

The firts chapter of American dictatorship has been inaugurated by the repression of the “Whiskey rebellion. On the 6th of April 1789, the first Congress elected george Washingtion as President and Adams as Vice-President. five years after Washington took office, broke out the whiskey rebellion, an insurrection of inhabitants of western Pennsylavania  and Virginia agaiants Hamilton’s excise tax of march 3, 1791.  On Hamilton’s recomemndation, washington orderd out the militia in order to suppress the rebellion . Wasghington in his address to Congress justified the repression of the rebellion by the “subversive” proceedings and the “spriti of opposition” to the “just authority of governement and the rights of individuals” Washington qualified acts committed by the insurgents as acts of treason “being overt acts of levying was against the United States”

the second chapter of American dictatorship was the two infamous Alien and SEDITION ACTS of 1798 aseries of four Laws directed against foreigners suspexcted for dissent and disloyalty.