The language of empire

Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Alexander Babakov’s comments on the US neocolonial posture in International relations following the despicable and haughty word uttered by the senile and sleepy Biden labelling dictator, his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, have the merit of naming the things by their name contrary to the very diplomatic words by Chinese ministry of foreign affairs, simply calling Biden’s word of dictator “wrong and irresponsible” The word of dictator is not only openly contemptuous of Chinse leader, it is also clear insult of 1,4 billion of Chinese, of their state, of their political, economic and cultural institutions and chiefly of their thousands years of history. The qualifiers, dictator, dictatorship, terrorism, authoritarian regimes, are integral part of the language of Empire used by hegemonic power, the United States and its European vassals, to denigrate men, political and economic systems, institutions, axis of evil history and culture of nations and peoples refusing to kneeling and to obey to diktats and orders emanating from master to its slaves. In addition, the qualifiers such liberal democracy, freedom, liberty, the garden versus the jungle of Josep Borell, axis of good are integral part of the language of Empire.