top diplomats expulsed from Russia

This is the right decision and full expression of sovereign state to expulse undesired ambassadors and diplomats, using their diplomatic immunity to commit subversirve activities against their host country and spy for the benefit of other foreign . This expulsion of US diplomats in Moscow is to compare with similar case with the demand of Nigerien authorities summoning the French ambassador in Niamey to quit the country for subversive activities in Niger to the benefit of France alleging that the new military leadership has no any legal legitimacy to take such decision. By extending this reasoning, on can say without contradictng himslef that accreditation of western and no western ambassadors by Kiev regime taking place after 2014 should be declared null and void following the overthrow of democraticall elected president Yanukovich by nazi groups nostalgics of Stepen Bandera’s legacy. the most important question that begs is : why Russia didn’t close and expulse western media present inside a country in war similar to NATO’s member states which closed Russian outlets under the pretext that they are propagandizing for Putin ? in the West, we still listen to western journalists reporting from Russia whose biased and well oriented narrativess and reports are “directed at harming the security of Russia” ?