Ukraine, propaganda in wartime

This post written by Scott Ritter is very important to understand the origins of Ukraine’s conflict and its hidden causes that triggered Russia to launch its Special military operation. European citizens don’t have access to such rational analyses of Scott Ritter, because of what can be called the OTANISATION OF European minds produced by NATO’s pervasive propaganda repeated tirelessly by the mainstream media, disseminating Russophobia through so called journalists and self-proclaimed civilian and military experts whose work consists of reading what they have been fed by specialists of the Psychological warfare. That is why since the start of Russian Special military operation, in order to feed the European public with only one sided and binary point of view, all Russian and non Russian outlets which are likely to provide different news and analysis were banned. Fortunately, it remains some well minded journalists and academics, having kept a critical eye on the world and mostly in International relations, who closely observed, followed and analysed the psychological warfare triggered before US endless wars over the past two decades and even before since the first Gulf war in January 1991,are already familiar with the techniques and methods of war propaganda. For Example, it is worth ready the new book of veteran Belgian journalist,publisher and writer, Michel Collon dedicated to Ukraine’s war, with this telling title in French “ Ukraine, la guerre des images, 50 exemples de désinformation”, “Ukraine, the war of images, 50 examples of disinformation” . In this book, Michel Collon, who currently is about promoting it through series of public conferences in France, Belgium and Switzerland, dissects NATO’s propaganda in Ukraine by analysing numerous images spread by the mainstream media, showing for example how the so called Butcha massacre, deliberately manufactured by western and Ukrainian intelligence operators following Boris Johnson’s visit to Kiev to convince Zelensky to sabotage meetings between Russian and Ukrainian delegations who were negotiating a cease fire in Turkey under the auspices of former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett on April 2022 pushing Moscow to stop its offensive against Ukrainian capital and to withdraw its armed forces in a gesture of goodwill. After publishing his seminal book in June, Michel Collon had received threats and his conferences were banned from many places under the pressure of Kiev lobby in Belgium, France and Switzerland. Regularly I’m drawing attention to this book on my @elmir1975 and Collon’s publisher website Investig’Action. This book can provide useful and precious news and pertinent analysis on how works propaganda in wartime through the techniques and methods of manipulation of images.