What”Belarusian Guaido” offers to future Belarus?


Tens of thousands gathered in the centre of the Belarusian capital Minsk on Sunday for the third weekend of protests against President Alexander Lukashenko and chanting anti-government slogans outside the cabinet and parliament buildings in Independence Square. Dozens of military trucks have been spotted near a fenced-off WWII stele in the city centre. At the gathering participated several members of the transitional council, set up by Lukashenko’s opposition rival Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, fled to Lithuania soon after the 9 August election, now under criminal investigation for threat to national security, demands the transfer of power from Alexander Lukashenko.

The transitional Council proposes to Belarusian a program called “Reanimation Package of Reforms for Belarus” The authors of the project want the implementation of radical “reforms” making the Belarusian people follow the path of the Baltic states, or Ukraine

Their program can be summarized in a some points:

1-Decommunization of Belarus

2- Dismantling the welfare state and privatization of education and health system with abolition of the regulation of tariffs for services in non-state medical centers

3- Brutal reorientation of the country’s foreign and domestic policy towards membership in the EU and NATO. This provides for a complete rupture of political and economic ties with Russia, as well as withdrawal from the CSTO structures

4- Return the white-red-white flag and the coat of arms “Pursuit” as state symbols

5- making of the Belarusian language the only state language, and the Russian language becoming the the language of interethnic communication

6- Popularizing national heroes, such as the leader of the uprising against the Russian empire Kastus Kalinovsky

7-Transfer of the armed forces to NATO standards, and adhesion to the Atlantic military pact

8-Privatization of the agriculture and prohibition of the sale of Belarusian infrastructure facilities to Russian companies

9-create a Belarusian autocephalous church

10-Transfer of tourist facilities, baths, household waste processing, maintenance of streets and courtyards, funeral services to the private business.

It is this Von Hayek-Milton Friedman program that the East European post communist states experienced after the collapse of the URSS and toward which the Belarusian “Guaido” is hardly working now to implement it in Minsk through the transitional Council program.