Comment on Hersh’s Gaza turning into Hiroshima

What Sy Herch is reporting is not a scoop that Israel would turn Gaza into Hiroshima. Over the past two decades Palestinian territories had already been turned into Hiroshima without Little Boy atomic bomb following every Israeli onslaught. Palestinian territories and in particular Gaza are the only sites turned into Hiroshima as the countries victims of the US bloody wars since the end of the WWII have already been turned into Hiroshima. It is worth reminding that the launch of atomic bombs on August 6 and 9, 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were made on experimental basis serving to produce more powerful atomic bombs destined to wipe out 76 major cities inside the USSR. In the collective imagination, Hiroshima became a legend making believe that atomic weapon is most destructive and the most deadly than conventional weapons, which it is not true. One can remember that Tokyo months ago before Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been turned into Hiroshima without atomic bomb. German city, Dresden, had been turned into Hiroshima without atomic weapon. By using biological weapons, Agent Orange containing dioxin, Napalm and other biological weapons prohibited by the Biological weapons Convention(BWC) created in 1972.  In Bao Loc (Lâm Dông Province), a welcoming centre for dioxin-poisoned children (an orange agent sprayed through the Vietnamese forests during the war. Gaza is the latest territory turned into Hiroshima but all countries invaded and attacked by the US and its vassals chiefly in the Middle have already been turned into Hiroshima. Hersh who witnessed the US bloody and destructive wars is aware that Gaza is not the only territory turned into Hiroshima and the carpet bomb launched by B52 on has already turned invaded and attacked countries mostly in the middle East into Hiroshima. One final remark about Sy Herch’s article, it seems to be one -sided as he is reporting without any critical distance of what he was told by his interlocutors who are participating in western Israeli psychological warfare against Palestinians.