Double narrative on Mariupol maternity and Gaza hospital

On Tuesday, a strike hit the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, killing over 500 people. Palestinian movement Hamas accused Israel for the attack but the Israel Defense Forces denied any involvement, putting the blame on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement. With Gaza hospital attack that claimed 500 lives, we have one more another example of binary mind of the West, its double standard when it comes to justify its war crimes and its subservient mainstream media when it comes to narratives aimed at minimizing the bloody wars of the US, its vassals in Europe and elsewhere. We have to remember how western media have accused Russia for attacking Mariupol maternity without any evidence the attack was initiated by the Russian forces. We can cite numerous examples of western binary mind and its double standard when it comes to its deadly wars especially the Butcha ‘s false flag engineered hours following Boris Johnson’s visit to Kiev to convince Zelensky to sabotage the peace negotiations on Turkey in April 2022. When it comes to Israeli crimes in Gaza, things change from top to bottom and the narratives are reversed. Now western mainstream media call for waiting the results of investigation to know who blame for the deadly strike on the hospital. For Biden, the origin of the attack is “other team”, that is Hamas. A self-proclaimed pundit in French TV LCI labelled also Kiev and Tel Aviv channel broadcasting in French language alleged that the bomb used against the hospital seems to be artisanal, blaming indirectly Hamas for the deadly strike. Palestinian ambassador to Spain has said with Spanish broadcaster that the hospital team was asked hours before by Israeli forces to evacuate the site.   The New York Times removed the mention of the Israeli strike from the headline of the news about the hospital: it now reads: “Israel and Palestinians Blame Each Other for Blast at Gaza Hospital”