Eurocentrism in International relations


The International relations  has been marked since the peace of Westphalia in 1648 until today by western imperialism leading to endless and bloody wars, wars of conquest, colonial wars, military aggression, wars for plundering and subjugation of Non-European peoples, wars for starvation on entire populations. Eurocentrism is beyond doubt the ideology of western imperialism; The Eurocentric conception is rooted far deeper in the consciousness and the imagination of the west and it is intrinsically embedded in the current world order. The effects of Eurocentrism create a self sustaining belief that Europe and Europeans are central and most important to all meaningful aspects of the world’s political, ideological, social values and cultural heritage. This Eurocentric distorted thought must be linked to imperialism and  its set of ideological and cultural corpus based on the belief of the superiority of Europeans or people having European offspring and the inferiority of non-European or “people of color”  This psychological and mental posture based on the belief of the West over the “people fo colour” , remains the prevailing feature of International relations, even after the so called decolonization process and the political liberation from colonial rule of formerly colonized peoples and the accession of a significant number of “new states” to the “international society” .

Eurocentrism is not only an inoffensive ideology; it also produced over the few past century and still today continue to produce ravaging and destroying effects. Without going back to the history of all wars waged in the name of the “civilizing mission”, the “democracy” and the Western values”, let us cite someone of these hollow slogans used by the “western democracies” in order to justify their ravaging and destroying wars; The Crusade against the “International” communism proclaimed by Truman doctrine in 1947 and the name of the “defence of the values of the free world” . has been waged in the “name of the “American Way of life”. In March 1983, the actor president Ronald Reagan continued his maccartyst crusade by updating and modernizing his anticommunist crusade by issuing his Directive 75 the first draft of “project Democracy” calling for an increased American propaganda effort to combat the communism in Eastern Europe and to support subversive anti-communist activates in Latin America.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the East European communism, and its corollary the “End of Histroy” and the emergence of an unipolar world, Eurocentric discourse has shifted. Henceforth, the “western democracies” must be spread over the world at all costs even by devastating and ravaging war in the name of “democracy” the “humanitarism” and the “right to protect” civil populations.  One can remember that the war waged in the 1990s against the ex-Yugoslavia had been branded “new human rights war” and waged in the name of the “western values” according to then British prime minister Tony Blair. In 2003, the American invaded and occupied Iraq so as to establish there their “democracy” “

More recently, the western “democracies” have waged a  ravaging and destroying military aggression against this prosper and independent north African which was Libya of Muamamr Kadaffi in the name of their “humanitarian mission” that of the right to protect the civil populations. Today new wars of occupation and regime change against a Syria and a conspicuous number of states in Africa and Latin America.

Eurocentrism in International relations appears in broad daylight in the case of Syria. Since the foreign infestation of Syria by jihadists armed group unleashed by US led imperialism and its satellites in Europe and in the Middle East, the western “democracies” try to sabotage and to hamper any political solution leading to the establishment of a genuine democracy in Syria. Instead of allowing the Syrian people the chance to decide their own political future, the western “democracies” are dismissing the essential pillar of the democracy, that is the popular sovereignty that requiring that only the people has the right to decide their own political future and their wn government rather than having ot imposed on them by foreign governments convinced of their superiority. Curiously, the so called western “democracies” are waging a proxy war in Syria in order to hinder the establishment of democracy in Syria by overthrowing  a democratically elected president and his legal and legitimate government and by imposing islamist dictatorship in the Middle east and in the Arab world, puppet of US and its clients in Europe and the Middle East. An Islamist and sectarian dictatorship that we can compare to that of latin America during the 1960s and 1970s.

Keywords Eurocentrism, international relations, democracy, wars, imperialism,