What really mean the “End of history” and the western democracy ?


After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the east European socialist bloc and the fall of Berlin Wall, Francis Fukuyama,  interpreting the thought-bottom and the state of mind of western ruling class, proclaimed the “End of history” with the indisputable triumph of western democracy. Here two questions must be addressed : first how has been expressed this so called end of history on international relations level and secondly what really means democracy in the mouth of the ruling classes in the West ?

Concerning the first question, and without going back to US crusade against the International communism at the end of the WWII, a crusade proclaimed by Trumann Doctrine of 1947 and the establishment of the CIA and its propaganda web through “Voice of America” and “Radio Free Europe”, a short history of international relations since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the communism in Europe seems to be very instructive so as to learn something about what realy means the so-called “end of history”. The “end of history” means firstly endless and bloody wars initiating by US and its satellites in Europe and across the world, a series of military aggression and occupation waged in the name of “democracy” and “western values” and ‘western humanitarian interventionism” against defenseless and weaker countries (branded by western propaganda failed states), without effective technological or miliatry self-defense, causing hundreds thousands causalities inflicted starvation on entire populations with economic and environmental devastations. The so called “end of history” according to Fukuyama and its neoconservative (neocon) followers means the destruction of a relatively peaceful multi-ethnic and independent state, the ex-Socialist federation of Yugoslavia during the 1990s. the “end of history” means also the destruction and the occupation in 2003 of a rising power in the Middle East, Iraq nationhood. The “end of history” means many years later, the destruction in 2011 of another country in North Africa, Libya. The “end of history” means today a proxy war waged by US and its satellites in Europe and in the Middle East against a another Arab nationhood , Syrian Arab Republic

To answer the second question, what is really the western democracy ? I must to be short here with general ideas and some generalization to be ultimately more developed in a separate and detailed study. According to classical and academic and political science textbooks, democracy is often declared as the best system of government in the world that the other countries across the world must take as a model and pattern to be imitated and to be implemented. The liberal democracy is based on popular sovereignty requiring that people ought to freely choice their own rulers and governments rather than having it imposed on them by outsiders. The liberal democracy originates in American and French revolutions that proclaimed both the popular sovereignty as source of any legitimate government. However, in course of time and in the long run, the popular sovereignty and what democratic features do exist are despised and subverted by a hidden form of dictatorship, the parliaments within which gather elected lawmakers setting up as Judge of what is good and what is bad for people. Indeed, albeit their pretention of speaking in the name of people, such elected lawmakers use rather the election and the elective mechanism as a tool to legitimate rtheir dictatorship and their domination on the whole society. Such elections have in fact no impact on the government’s policies since they are aiming not to express the popular wishes but only to designate the members of the ruling class whose the principal objective is to legitimate their political, economic and ideological domination.

Contrary to received ideas, the western states are not led by their elected parliaments and governments at all but by a hidden authorities and obscures civil and military servants, by powerful lobbies who form the “deep state”, a community of unelected figures who decide what is best for everyone and who dictate their own policies and their wishes to the elected head of state and to incumbent governments. The western democracy is nothing other than the shallow ritual and a masquerade organized at Olympic intervals (every four or five or six years) aiming at legitimatizing the violence of the ruling class that will not hesitate, in case of necessity, to resort to armed thugs so as to repress any potential surge against the established order. In order to maintain its rule and its domination on the whole society, the ruling class possess the monopole of political propaganda, this redoubtable device destined according to Serge Tchakotine the rape of  masses.  For the maintain of hits hegemony on the society the ruling class has to weaken its class enemy and to do so, the voters must be manipulated based on prejudices held or inculcated  and divided into smaller and smaller grouping and set against each other. Thanks to voter apathy, elected rulers are no more likely than a dictator doing anything and nothing no matter how unpopular . the so called opposition in western democracy is nothing but eye-wash, deceptive appearance and illusion to the extent that there are the same political parties that alternate in power n o matter what kind of rule follows all this reduces “democracy” to a sort of slogan as to justify the setting up of a police State on domestic level and endless and bloddy wars on international level.

Today, with the Syrian war, the western democracy reveals in broad daylight its real and deep nature. Everywhere polls show massive popular opposition to the bombing and no airstrikes but all popular cries fell on deaf ears as the western governments continue to ignore the popular wishes not to bomb abd not to kill Syrian innocent civil population. Nowadays, the so called western democracies are desperately trying since 2011 to overthrow a legitimate and democratically elected president  and to place an islamist and jihadist proxy regime in position.