Macron’s propsition to fight Hamas

It is good thing ridicule never killed anyone. Macron’s proposition made during his meeting with Netanyahu is not only ridicule but outrageous suggesting the creation of regional and international coalition to fight Palestinian movement, Hamas. Such proposition is not only laughable but inaudible as, except the states forming the collective West, no country in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America is ready to enter coalition aimed at fighting Hamas, a fortiori neither Russia nr China. Let us remind this ignorant that jihadists mercenaries in the Middle East have been creation and funded by the US and its European vassals to serve their own economic and geopolitics interests in this region, to overthrow recalcitrant and disobedient governments and regimes as they have done with nazi groups in Ukraine in 2014 to overthrow Yanukovich’s government. Let us remind to this puppet of the US that the western coalition in Syria and Iraq has no intentions to fight its creatures in these two countries, its main objective in Syria was and still remains containing Russian influence and in Iraq containing Iran’s influence, not to fight jihadist groups. Otherwise how to explain the led-US coalition in these two countries was powerless face Al Qaida and ISIS while Russia was able to eradicate jihadist terrorist groups in Syria in only 2 years from 2015 to 2017 saving Assad regime, the Libyan regime and its longtime leader Muammar Kadafi were no so lucky, destroyed and murdered by NATO in 2011. The evidence that jihadist terrorist groups are but the offspring of the collective west, this telling claim uttered by former French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius,”El Nusra(terrorist groups in Syria) fait du bon boulot en Syrie”(El Nusra is doing very good job in Syria). Let us remind this ignorant once again, French army was sent in 2013 to Mali to fight jihadist groups, but 10 years after the current military leadership discovered that France was sending jihadist mercenaries in order to justify its presence in this African nation, former French colony coveted for its raw materials. The military leadership in Burkina Faso and Niger accused France of encouraging and sending terrorist mercenaries in order to destabilize their regime. After discovering France’s hidden strategy in their two respective countries, the Burkinabe and Nigerien military leadership ordered the French troops stationed there to quit. By making this ridiculous proposition on the regional and international coalition to fight Hamas, Macron has in sight two things : (1) encouraging Netanyahu far right government in its bloody onslaught on the Gaza Strip as the Palestinian death toll is rising up to 5000 victims including 2000 children since 17 days, (2) pleasing his electoral clientele including the very powerful French Jewish community supporting both macron’s regime and Netanyahu far right government.