Pentagon’s new reprot hypes China

Year after year, the Pentagon releases annual report filled with biased facts and analyses aimed at hyping and denigrating those viewed as posing real threat to US hegemony. The newly 212-page annual Pentagon report, entitled “China Military power report” is but a piece of US propaganda aimed at spreading and hyping the so called “China threat” claiming that China has more than 500 operational nuclear warheads and they are in constant rising up to more than 1000 by 2030. Even if China does have 500 nuclear warheads, it is insignificant comparing to US size arsenal as its nuclear arsenal standing at about 5,800 nuclear warheads, in addition to the number of US strategic nuclear submarines, strategic bombers, and the number of warheads they carry are far higher than any other country in the world, including China. The global nuclear strategy of the US represents a real threat to the peace in the world when it comes to provide nuclear umbrellas and even nuclear sharing to some allies, ultimately exacerbating regional tensions, as it was the case in July, the US deployed a nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine to South Korea for the first time since 1980s prompting North Korea to fire later two short-range ballistic missiles into its eastern waters as a response to the US provocation. 20 years ago, the European respondents to a poll requested by the European Union consider the US and Israel, the two biggest threats to world peace. Over half of Europeans think two decades ago that Israel presents the biggest threat to world peace. According to the same survey, Europeans believe the United States contributes the most to world instability along with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Another to new poll. The US presenting itself as the chief guardian of global democracy is seen around the world as more of a threat to democracy than even Russia and China.