Guteres tackles Israel for humanitarian disaster in Gaza

As was rightly stated by the General Secretary of the United Nations, Gueteres,  Israel is not ready to abide to the numerous resolutions voted by the United Nations and allow the Palestinians to create their own state according to the International law. Gueteress blamed Israel for violating the Humanitarian International law by committing mass killing of the Palestinian civilians rising to more than 5000 victims including more than 2000 children not to mention the full destruction of infrastructures, not to mention the embargo leading to the starving of thousands of Gazans etc. Israel and its western backers continue to call through their subservient mainstream media, the right of Israel to defend itself. Only a crazy man or senile like the man occupying of the White house can utter that kind of nonsense. The current Arab states in the Middle East, emerged in the same time than the Jewish states, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the Accords of the infamous Sykes-Picot and Versailles treaty, aimed at dividing this region between the two colonialist powers, the British Empire and France, seem to be inert sinking into a comatose state due to their servile dependence of the United States and Europe. They are seeing the Palestinians slaughtered by the Jewish state without any effective reactions to help their so called brothers and neighbours. Yet, they have a fearsome weapon able to shame the western backers of their protected state, this weapon is the oil which can be used like in 1973 following Yon Kippour war. It suffices to turn off the tap, cut off embargoing the oil to Europe for only one week, and you will see how Israel and its western backers will become hysteric after depriving them from the very source feeding their industries and their dependent economy. The African states which were suffering centuries of pillage of their agricultural and mineral wealth caused by the western colonization, similar to today Palestinians oppression by the West and its creature, can contribute to kneel the butchers of Gaza Strip by embargoing the raw materiels used by European processing industries to produce commodities for domestic market. The idea that Africa countries could help Palestinians in their struggle against Israel was uttered by the late revolutionary Burkinabe leader Thomas Sankara during his speech ahead the General Assembly of the united Nations on October 4, 1984, telling the present delegations, such statement of burning news must be meditated  “My country is the essence of all the miseries of peoples, a tragic synthesis of all the suffering of mankind but also, and above all, the synthesis of the hopes of our struggles. That is why I speak out on behalf of the sick who are anxiously looking to see what science can do for them–but that science has been taken over by the gun merchants. My thoughts go to all those who nave been affected by the destruction of nature, those 30 million who are dying every year, crushed by that most fearsome weapon, hunger.

As a soldier, I cannot forget that obedient soldier who does what he is told, whose finger is on the trigger and who knows that the bullet which is going to leave his gun will bring only a message of death.

Lastly, I speak out in indignation as I think of the Palestinians, whom this most inhuman humanity has replaced with another people, a people who only yesterday were themselves being martyred at leisure. I think of the valiant Palestinian people, the families which have been splintered and split up and are wandering throughout the world seeking asylum. Courageous, determined, stoic and tireless, the Palestinians remind us all of the need and moral obligation to respect the rights of a people. Along with their Jewish brothers, they are anti-Zionists.”