top diplomats expulsed from Russia

This is the right decision and full expression of sovereign state to expulse undesired ambassadors and diplomats, using their diplomatic immunity to commit subversirve activities against their host country and spy for the benefit of other foreign . This expulsion of US diplomats in Moscow... [ Continue Reading ]

Eastern Economic Forum & Africa

After the 2th summit Russia Africa in Saint Petersburg on July and its numerous agreements mostly in the security and military field aimed by Mali and Burkina Faso at fighting djihadists merceneraires in the Sahel region, and the veto opposed by Russia at the UNSC... [ Continue Reading ]

G20 New Delhi

this is not more than show as the African Union has no influence to change the course of events and it is not a key geopolitical player like Russia and China in global politics. The African Union member states are mostly composed of regimes subservient... [ Continue Reading ]

Ukrainisation of G 20

Before Russian special military operation on February 24, 2022, few hardly knew where Ukraine is located on the map of the world. Before the demise of the USSR, few knew if there is a nation or society named Ukraine.  Since 1991, Ukraine came to the... [ Continue Reading ]

Hungary’s nazi nostaly

One can say without making a mistake, that there is no new under the sun, the history is repeating itself with the latest statements of Hungarian minister Janos Lazar glorifying Miklos Horthy, a notorious nazi Hungarian leader, alleging “If anything, Horthy was three things: an... [ Continue Reading ]

China & Niger

China could help Niger overcome the sanctions imposed by the ECOWAS, threatening the African nation by military action following the overthrow of France’s puppet Mohammed Bazoum. Contrary to former colonizer of Africa, China has no colonialist intentions in this continent and consequently it is not... [ Continue Reading ]