Rise of neo nazi parties in Europe

Like Adolf Hitler who won election in Germany 90 years becoming chancellor thank to his anti-Communist and anti Bolshevik mantra, promising his Americans and European funders, the big capital to get rid of communism in Europe, his offsprings today have found another scapegoat, the Muslims... [ Continue Reading ]

10 years ago, starting of Euromaidan

10 years ago, started nazi coup in Ukraine, called Euromaidan, when neo nazi groups coming from Europe and the United States attacked Ukrainian security forces with the main aim, provoking chaos and disorder. This nazi coup was supported by western mainstream media, the Intelligence services,... [ Continue Reading ]

The language of empire

Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Alexander Babakov’s comments on the US neocolonial posture in International relations following the despicable and haughty word uttered by the senile and sleepy Biden labelling dictator, his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, have the merit of naming the things... [ Continue Reading ]

Israel and Hamas tunnels

One month after the surprise Hamas attack, except the mass killings of Palestinian civilians, more than 9400 victims, including more than 3500 children and more than 2500 women, huge destruction of nearly 45% of Gazan infrastructures, the conflict between Israel and Hamas appears to be... [ Continue Reading ]