Syria : civil war or imperialist proxy war ?

Syria : civil war or imperialist proxy war ?

Western propaganda and its mainstream and corporate media try to depict the current war waged in Syria as a mere domestic civil war opposing the very” democratic forces”, the “kindly” and “moderate rebels” fighting for the “right cause” viewed through the western lens, that is, democracy, human rights, rule of law and multipartism against a horrific, thirsty blood dictatorship, that of Bachar Al Assad.

In order to better understand the nature of the ongoing Syrian war, we must beforehand reject all these false narratives and ideas and bias extensively spreading and disseminating through the mainstream media, academic circles and the so-called military and civil experts. We have to concentrate first and before all on the origin of all these political, ethnic, religious, sectarian and ideological convulsions that took place in the Middle East over the last 50 years. We have to go back to the history of this region more precisely to the First World War and to its aftermath and treaties of Versailles of 1919 when the two major imperialist powers at the time, France and Great Britain decided, according to Sykes-Picot Accords and Balfour Declaration, to divide among them the area into two spheres of influence and to redraw the map of the Middle East following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. When, at the end of the Second World War, the two old imperialist powers have been collapsed, they had been, at their turn, evinced and replaced in the area by a young and newcomer the United States of America. So, a century later, one can witness the same permanence of imperialism continuing to rule the region and contributing to exacerbate ethnic and religious conflicts in order to feed and fuel endless and bloody wars according to its own agenda. Once keeping this truth in mind, needless to say that, behind each conflict waged in the Middle East, over the past 50 years, there is this constant and perpetual hidden hand of western imperialism supported by proxy regimes in the Middle East. Nothing being new under the Sun, The ongoing Syrian must not be an exception to the rule in comparison with all wars that had been taking place in the Middle east over the past 50 years and more recently, those of Iraq and Libya.

Through their strategy of deception and manipulation, the western propaganda would like to make believe that the ongoing war in Syria is a civil war opposing domestic parties and local groups to the Syrian regime. One can remember that the term “moderate” rebels has been coined by the strategists of the Psy op waged nowadays against Assad and his regime. this strategy of deception aims to deceive and to make believe that there are “kind and very nice” rebels and “respectable” political forces struggling against a “nasty” and “evil” regime. By close and careful examination of the so called “moderate” rebels, we quickly arrive to another established fact that the Assad regime have to face not a civil war but a foreign infestation leading by a jihadist-led insurgency, unleashed in the Syrian territory since 2011 by Washington and its clients and satellites in Europe and in the Middle East with the main objective, overthrowing the legitimate regime and replacing it by an islamist regime pro-US.

These jihadist-led-insurgency, Washington call them “our guys” as it was the case with the Afghan mujahedeen branded by Ronald Reagan as “freedom fighters” and the French foreign minister vaunted them as guys “ making a good job”, in Syria. This appeal to jihadists groups is not a new strategy deployed by US imperialism to be in its military and gepopolical agendas since the creation in the late 1970 of the Afghan Mudjahedeen, a CIA offshoot–organized-armed Islamic jihadists when the US imperialism was leading a Crusade war against the communism and was fighting a secular pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan.

Now, in the ongoing Syrian war, like in Libya in 2011, we are witnessing the same strategy whose the main objective is to enlist jihadist groups being used as a military tools and geopolitical device to be in US led imperialism’s service. The Sunni jihadists deemed “moderate” by the West are in fact a patchwork of foreign mercenary jihadists, recruited from about one hundred countries around the world, such jihadists having been created from nothing by western governments and their Intelligence services committed to organize, fund, train and supply them by the last US and western manufactured and sophisticated weaponry, especially the TOW missiles supplied (anti-tank missile). Once recruited, armed and trained, these foreign mercenary groups are transiting by Turkish border to Syrian territory. According to a Munich based journalist interviewed by the BBC world on Wednesday 2 December, 70% of the fighters in Raqaa are foreign.

In Syria, Al Nusra Front, Syria’s Al Qaeda affiliate, is allied with other jihadists including Ahrar al-Sham(apparently separated from Al-Qaeda although its senior leaders were drawn from Al Qaeda) and Jaish al-islam. Both militias are composed of Salafists militants, seeking the establishment of Caliphate in Syria. Both militias collaborate closely with Al Nusra and they are fighting side by side in the Saudi-backed Army of Conquest.  The Jihadists of Al Nusra and its allies are waging a sectarian war not only against the government but also against other components of the Syrian society, Shia, Alawites, Jews and Christians.  Ahrar al-Sham,  a jihadist group founded by Al Quaeda veteran and fighting alongside Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front.he “moderate” groups unleashed in Syria for regime change had been supplied with sophisticated weapons including TOW anti-tank missile.

For a mere political cosmetic purpose and in order to hide the infestation of Syrian soil by foreign jihadists and to confer a “syrian” veneer to their proxy mercenary, US imperialism and its satellites in Europe(France, Great Britain) and in the Middle east (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and turkey) are forced to enlist aging Syrian exiles among the Syrian Diaspora living in the West. Albeit this political cosmetic, the current rivalry and ongoing infighting between the “opponents” to Assad regime (groups backed by Washington fighting against groups backed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia) demonstrates once again that the so called civil war in Syria is a myth, that its background are neither ethnic nor religious but a foreign plot fomented by the western imperialism and its regional proxy regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, all of them converging in the same geopolitical agendas and pointing to the same direction, albeit their interne rivalry and their proper agendas, the ouster of the democratically elected president Bachar Al Assad and imposition in Damascus of a slavish US puppet government as it was the case more than decade ago in Iraq and four years ago in Libya after the western powers, and their regional proxy regimes helped and supported by and their jihadists mercenary had been toppling and murdering the Libyan leader, Muammar al Kadaffi, and destroying a prosper and wealthy North African country

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