double standard and biased narratives

Ukraine proxy war and US-Israeli onslaught of civilian populations in the Gaza strip are the two latest examples of western binary mind and the double standard in international relations. Two years after the launch of Russian military special operation to stop NATO’s expansion eastwards and... [ Continue Reading ]

Euromaidan, 10 years ago

10 years ago, neo nazi groups supported by their western backers took over the power in Ukraine, inaugurating a 8 year period during which more than 14000 of Russian population in Donbass were killed. Bizarrely, there is no celebration of this sinister anniversary in the... [ Continue Reading ]

Putin’s revisionist history

A pundit noted that Putin’s knowledge of history and geopolitics and his ability to recall them was impressive to watch. -Tucker-Putin interview is but a public relations exercise used by the Russian president to please to the West, to sell formatted  image to the Americans.... [ Continue Reading ]