NewsGuard,tool of propaganda

"NewsGuard’s rating of news outlets generally labels mainstream Western media as trustworthy, while outlets linked with governments opposed by the US are branded deceitful". If we take a look at NewsGuard's advisors, who are notorious propagandists for US and NATO's endless wars, we can say... [ Continue Reading ]

Nazi Canada

Russia demands explication from Canada's Trudeau which supported at the start of the Ukraine's conflict and continues till now to be a unconditional supporter of Kiev regime. As rightly noticed Scott Morisson(former Australian PM ? in his comment) former nazis have sought refuge in the... [ Continue Reading ]

top diplomats expulsed from Russia

This is the right decision and full expression of sovereign state to expulse undesired ambassadors and diplomats, using their diplomatic immunity to commit subversirve activities against their host country and spy for the benefit of other foreign . This expulsion of US diplomats in Moscow... [ Continue Reading ]

Eastern Economic Forum & Africa

After the 2th summit Russia Africa in Saint Petersburg on July and its numerous agreements mostly in the security and military field aimed by Mali and Burkina Faso at fighting djihadists merceneraires in the Sahel region, and the veto opposed by Russia at the UNSC... [ Continue Reading ]