Putin’s eve year speech

Through Putin’s full 2024 New Year's Eve speech, one can feel that Russia goes through critical period and once more is facing new challenges, even the biggest challenge since the WWII, maintaining united and multiethnic Russia threatened by division and breaking up by the collective... [ Continue Reading ]

Turning point in Russian-Ukraine’s war

With the fall of Marynka, this very strategic stronghold in the Donestsk People’s Republic, heavily fortified where Kiev regime shelled its own Russophone populations for years long, killing thousands of innocent civilians including children and elderly, has suffered crushing defeat, an event passed over in... [ Continue Reading ]

Colour revolution in Belgrade

Belgrade acting Mayor Alexandar Sapic qualified the riots as Maidanisation” and the prime minister Prime Minister Ana Brnabic thanked the Russian security services for information about the impending colour revolution, well proven old technique going back to the aftermath of the WWII implemented by the CIA... [ Continue Reading ]

OSCE and Butcha

Earlier in December, the Russian Foreign minister Lavrov asked the ministerial Council of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe to provide the list of the victims of the so called Butcha massacre committed by Russian army before its withdrawal of this small town... [ Continue Reading ]

Putin’s late confession

Putin declared on Sunday he believed naively that there there would be no confrontation the West after the restoration of wild capitalism in Russia by former communist turned anti communist Mikhail Gorbatchev leading to the demise of the unique global power able to bridle hegemonic... [ Continue Reading ]