Russian retaliation to Belgorod attack

Belgorod’s terrorist attack killing 24 innocent civilians including 3 children is added to the long list of crimes committed by Kiev regime towards both its Russian speaking populations in the Donbass region and the Russian civilian populations. As it was expected, Russia would not let Belgorod terrorist unpunished as retaliatory response was not long in coming. Kiev’s terrorist attack in Belgorod is a sign of desperate regime incapable to challenge Russian armed on the battlefield, is ready to resort to any means at its disposal including terrorism and civilian mass killing and also to make believe to western sponsors that it is still fighting and will fight till the latest Ukrainian. But all these desperate attempts initiated by Kiev regime and its western sponsors would not change and would not reverse the balance of power on the battlefield as Russian armed forces engaged in the special military operation have been strengthened and adapted in way to fight not only Ukrainian armed forces at least what it’s left of it, but 50 countries. It will be expected that in the future, any Kiev attack on Russian territory will be met with harshest retaliatory measures.