Turning point in Russian-Ukraine’s war

With the fall of Marynka, this very strategic stronghold in the Donestsk People’s Republic, heavily fortified where Kiev regime shelled its own Russophone populations for years long, killing thousands of innocent civilians including children and elderly, has suffered crushing defeat, an event passed over in silence by the western mainstream media and for good reason, new crushing defeat for NATO and its supposed invincible military equipment supplied to its Ukraine’s armed forces. Bizarrely, NATO’S media did not say a word about the fall of Marynka to Russian and the DPR forces preferring instead hyping over Ukraine’s strike in Crimea. The French channel, LCI, called also the voice of Kiev regime broadcasting in French, has superbly ignored the fall of Marynka which can be considered from strict military and strategic event, a turning point on the battlefield between Russia and Ukrainian armed forces. If miraculously, the self proclaimed civilian and military pundits, carefully handpicked, paid 500 euros per night(from 9pm to 12pm), try desperately to minimize the impact of the defeat and behind the imminent defeat of Zelensky clique in Kiev as the Russian victories are looming on other places of a front stretching over 1000 km. I posted on my Facebook page photos of NATO’s military equipment captured by Russian forces and this taking of war, it will holy bread for Russian militaro industrial complex that will not fail to be closely and carefully subject to scrutiny.