Macron’s banana Republic

Macron entered history by effraction like Napoleon Bonaparte who was obscure artillery commander serving in Italy called by the then victorious bourgeoisie against royalty, looking for military dictatorship, a strong and authoritarian leader in order to restore order by crushing the revolutionary and turbulent far left Jacobin militants the sans culottes movement. Macron was an obscure trader working for Rothchild investment, without political party nor elective mandate. He was introduced on behalf former president socialist president Hollande who was so unpopular he didn’t dare to represent for un second term. After becoming minister of economy, Macron has been noticed by the business community in France and abroad for his liberal policy with Reagan and Thatcher as model to be transplanted in France. Within almost six months, big business and the 9 billionaires who control the mainstream media in France started campaigning for their jockey creating from nothing a candidate for presidential election of 2017. In the same time, the mainstream media like Cnews and BFMTV owners of two billionaires were instrumenting the immigration question to increase the score of the far right party of Marine Le Pen. The outcome, the electoral system set up by the constitution of 1958 benefited Macron as the French voters had to choose during election presidential of 2017 between the plague and cholera, and this scenario was repeated one again in 2022 when Marine Le Pen met him in second dual with the lection for second term of incumbent president. Just some months after his election, in 2018, there was the revolt of the Gilets jaunes(the yellow jackets) putting France into fire and blood. Since he took office in 2017, he showed that France is still a subservient puppet of Washington, has no independent foreign policy. In order not debating with left wing candidate Jean Luc Mélenchon before the first round of the presidential elections in 2022, he took pretext of Ukraine’s conflict and his so called his role of mediator with Putin, to flee any public debate with his main competitors. 6 years after his election, France is suffering very high inflation due to high cost of energy following sanctions over Russia which provided over the past two decades to European economy and European people cheap energy especially cheap gas to keep warm during autumnal and hibernal seasons. Without Russian cheap energy, European economy is heading directly and inevitably to the abyss. On can fully understand why Business community and billionaires owner of the mainstream are supporting constitutional reforms allowing Macron to run for a third mandate. Last but not least, Macron is becoming a madman by witnessing the revolt of African people formerly colonized by France mainly in western Africa, following successful military coups in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Niger and since August 30, in Gabon after the overthrow of Bango’s family after 54 years of rule.