Putin’s anti communist impulse

“we have every reason to affirm that Ukraine is an artificial state that was shaped at Stalin’s will,” Putin explained. Putin’s reasoning is clearly false because it is not the will of only one man that the current states were shaped but the history and by the wars and geopolitics. In the case of the present NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, it is unthinkable that Stalin would passively observe NATO’s expansion eastwards since 2004 and particularly since the neo coup in Kiev in 2014 without counteracting and pushing away the continuing progress of the western hostile forces near the Russian borders. It is unthinkable that Stalin would blindly trust the West and await 8 years before discovering that Russia has been lured and deceived by the Mink agreements used by the West as stratagem to allow Kiev regime to build fortifications and to kill 14000 Russian speaking people in Donbass. It is unthinkable that Stalin should tolerate the establishment of neo nazi regime in kiev without doing something to get rid of. We can say without contradicting oneself that not only Ukraine is an artificial state but all the states composing currently the United nations are artificial states too. Crimea and Moldavia(ex Bessarabia) were part of the Ottoman empire and they have been annexed by Tsarist Russia following continuing wars between these two empires. If we follow Putin’s reasoning one can say that Crimea and Moldavia should be returned to Turkey. Poland disappeared twice from the map before its reborn in the beginning of the XX century. The United states is a artificial state as a major part of its territory was former Spanish colonies. African, the Balkan and the Middle east states are artificial states too. The current European states were shaped by Napoleon’s wars. The French Alsace and Lorraine should be returned to the current Germany and Austria because they were part of the holy Germanic Empire. Corsica was taken by Napoleon from Genoa and all French southern regions were part of Catalonia annexed by the wars. All Latin American states were shaped by the Spanish colonization. That is why Putin’s reasoning about the making of Ukraine by the will of only one man so called is clearly false provoked by what Michael Parenti called the “Anti communist Impulse”