900 US military bases in the world, for what ?

Some useful remarks to be added to this very informative Sputnik’s infographic. The 900 us military bases spanning the entire world clearly demonstrate that there is no International law which is a mere fiction as the relationships between what is be called the states are governed by the law of the strongest by hegemonic power using its military power to maintain the statu quo, that is global capitalism solely governed by the law of the jungle. Since its inception, the United States started to show hegemonic and imperialistic velleities witnessed by the infamous Monroe doctrine transforming the new independently Latin American into US backyard excluding the European powers in particular the former colonizer Spain the western hemisphere. The so called American Spanish war and the military intervention in Cuba in 1898 was the first step in US imperialism and its hidden motivation deeply studied an documented by the renown political scientist and historian, William Appleman Williams in his very exciting and seminal book highly recommended to those all who want to understand the main reasons behind US bloody and endless wars, “the roots of the modern American empire” with this telling subtitle, “A study of the growth and shaping of social consciousness in a market place society” published in 1969. By reading this book, one can understand why the Bolshevik revolution and the rise of the Soviet Union under the rule of Stalin fatally became the nightmare of the United States as the new communist global power especially after the WWII represented a real threat to unbridled American hegemony. Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, was but a test before wiping out 76 major cities in the USSR leading to the collapse of the Soviet power and the dismantlement of the biggest country in the world into minuscule ethnic states as it will be the case in Yugoslavia after the death of Marechal Josep Tito and bombing of Serbia by NATO’s forces in 1999. Some final remarks must be done, (1) Israel should not be considered as foreign state hosting US military base, it is itself a large US military base; (2) for example, there is no military base in France since De Gaulle ordered the closing of US military base, but this country participated directly or indirectly in all US bloody wars since the WWII in particular in the African continent where the US marines are hosted inside a French military base in Djibouti, camp Lemonnier, a larger French military base leased to the United States. Till now, there is no US military base in Nigeria, but the Nigerian government under the rule of former drug dealer in Chicago, Bola Tinubu is negotiating with the US government to host a military base there. The new military leadership in both Burkina Faso and Niger requested the closing of US military base.