Is really the world going fairer,more democratic ?

Addressing the participants of the Primakov Reading in Moscow, Putin stated that winds of change is being underway in International relations as the world became fairer, more democratic and oriented towards multipolarity. We have to understand by the meaning of fairer, more democratic and multipolarity uttered by Russian president. By observing closely the current state of world, one can say without contradicting himself that global capitalism, that is big corporations and multinationals continue to rule the entire globe, by imposing their propre agenda on the states, on the politicians and their controlled media. So, till now, no new under the sun. When Putin said that fairer, more democratic and multipolarity, he is probably thinking about the BRICS, demographic weight of its members, mainly China and India which both represent nearly more than 20% of world populations, and 37% of global GDP. The BRICS members states have neither the intention nor the force to change the international relations as its members are looking only to increase their cake-sharing and to divide the pie with the United States and Europe. The BRICS is not at all a political organization able to propose alternative to the western system of rules-based order. The BRICS members states continue to actively participate in the political and economic international institutions created by the Accords of Bretton Woods in 1944 committed to work inside the United Nations organization, a mere tool of the West used as convenient cover to fight regimes refusing to keel and to obey the orders emanating the United States and its European proxies. Two examples can show that Putin’s excessive optimism for fairer, more democratic world and multilateralism is not correct and is not appropriate this time. After the launch of Russian military special operation, February 24, 2022, the BRICS member states have ambiguous posture and they didn’t take clear position by fully supporting and even by military means, one of its members, against NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. While the collective West operated harshly against Russia by imposing more than 19000 sanctions against Russia, instrumentalizing regional and international organizations in support for Kiev nazi regime and even pushing the International criminal Court to issue international warrant against Vladimir Putin for being “kidnaping” Ukrainian children while the aim of Russian intervention was to save Donbass civilian populations targeted and murdered by Kiev regime since 2014. Second example, following Hamas’s surprise attack, the collective west gave carte blanche, free hand to its protected colony in the Middle east to exterminate with total impunity the civilian populations of the Gaza Strip and to destroy its civilian infrastructure. The BRICS member states seem to be powerless to oppose Israeli war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity and to use regional and international organizations for action against Israeli genocidal regime and by the way requesting the International justice to try Israeli war criminals and to hold accountable its western backers as accomplices.