How Gorbatchv changed the course of history only worse

By looking last night at the nomination of Polish new PM Donald Tusk, one can’t help but think of this renegade and the infamous war criminal Mikhail Gorbachev who, turning anti communist, destroyed the USSR,the socialist bloc and particularly the Warsaw Pact which prevented wars in Europe from 1945 till 1991 and played key in the political stability in the continent. By destroying the socialist bloc, Gorbatchev paved the way to the revival of fascism and Nazism in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, those countries which severely suffered nazi invasion and the millions of civilian and military victims. If Gorbachev had not existed for the misfortune of the Russian people and the eastern European peoples, allowing the restoration of wild capitalism and neo nazi regimes in these countries, there would have been no war in Yugoslavia, repeated colour revolutions in Ukraine, in Georgia and other ex Soviet Republics, NATO’s expansion from 16 to 30 in 2022 and 32 today and of course its proxy war in Ukraine its thousands of Ukrainian and Russian killed every day on the battlefield once brotherly peoples. All those corrupt and slavish politicians becoming the puppet and the implementers used by the US to serve and achieve its geopolitical game on European continent. Last but not least, without Gorbachev, for the misfortune for the western European peoples, there would have been no European dictatorship grouping today 27 states following the demise of the socialist bloc, the European Union would have reduced to its 6 founders members, remained and confined into a small geographic region which would avoid the pollution and the destruction of the environment by thousands of Eastern European trucks travelling the highways in France and Germany with their drivers sleeping in their trucks not to taste of the so called the joys of capitalism and the freedom claimed by Voice of America, radio Europe and radio liberty.