The Lepenisation of mind in France

Macron signed the new law on immigration which is but a deception whose aim is not in fact the limitation ou entry and exist of immigrants in France but a political gift of the Macronie’s gang to the far right party of Le Pen created by former socialist president François Mitterand in order to divide the then right wing parties on one hand and to crush the political influence exceed by the then Communist party which represented in the aftermath of the Liberation the third of the French electorate. Le Pen’s party, the National Front funded by a former SS and by handle of Nazism, which was in 1984 a simple small faction representing only 1% of the French voters climbed to nearly 10% during the European elections in this same year thanks to Mitterand who ordered the then channel France 2 and the then host Henri de Virieu to invite Jean Marie le Pen to his program. Within one hour and a half hour that lasted the emission, Le Pen who was a marginal politician, no one took it seriously, won a place in the sun and became a respectable politician and major player in the political establishment with his new business theme, the immigration, a business that flourished over the years and decades to the point that, given the high electorate of this far right party and threefold arriving in the second round of the presidential elections, in 2012 Jean Marie against Chirac, and twice Marine Le Pen against Macron, in 2017 and 2022, we are witnessing what can be called the Lepenisation of the French mind thanks to the mainstream media controlled by billionaires like Bouygues owner of the popular channel TF1, the arms manufacturer Lagardère and the neo fascist billionaire Bolloré owner of CNEWS becoming the mouthpiece of Marine Le Pen and Zemmour. Since 40 years, thanks to the political manipulation of the question of immigration and immigrants becoming the favourite theme of the French Establishment, Le Pen’s business grew up not only in France but it served as pattern for other European countries where the nostalgic of Nazism started to emerge and to prosper thanks to theme of immigration. Since 40 years, all French governments led both by the right wing and the left wing parties adopted the high lucrative Le Pen’s business, the immigration serving as deceptive stratagem aimed at hiding the dismantling of the welfare state set up in the aftermath of the WWII by the national council of resistance(conseil national de la resistance dominated by the Communist party called also the  party of 40000 resistant martyrs dead by fighting and resisting the nazi occupier of France