What can do Erdogan to help Palestinians ?

Erdogan previously declared Israel criminal war but the Turkish leader knows very well that there is no genuine International justice to hold the Jewish state accountable for its repeated violation of the Humanitarian International law , for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against disarmed Palestinian civilians since 1967. Those who are daring speaking out against Israeli’s war crimes are either silenced, prosecuted, jailed or accused of antisemitism becoming a formidable ideological and political weapon against its accusers. So Erdogan has the power to do something to help oppressed Palestinians without hyping like a vulgar politician, threatening the withdrawal of his country from NATO of which it is a member since 1952, closing US air base in Incirlik and radar station in the Kurecik district of Malatya province in southeastern Turkiye, which is part of NATO’s missile defense system in Europe. In the same time, strengthening strategic and military cooperation with Russia which helped Erdogan to save his regime during the failed coup of July 2016, by alerting him of imminent putsch fomented by Turkish military supported by the United States. With such practical step, one can affirm that Erdogan is sincere, combining action and words, by doing something to help Palestinians, otherwise, it will be a mere hype, smoke screen and hollow words typically used by a professional politician to deceive and manipulate the lowest instincts of masses