South Africa versus Israel before the International court of Justice

Invoking the Genocide convention of 1948 signed by Israel, South Africa brought the matter before the International Court of Justice and on January 11, 2024, started the hearing of the both disputed parties. The Israeli defender alleged that there is no genocide and that Jewish state only acted to defend itself by exterminating till new more than 30000 Palestinians without speaking of the huge material destruction in the Gaza Strip. The Genocide convention was established after the WWII by referring to the genocide of jews in Europe by Nazi regime. By following the inherent logic of Israeli party denying genocide in Gaza, one can say and argue the same thing without contradicting oneself that there was no genocide of Jews during the WWII as the Nazi regime was defending itself like Israel today against its enemies, the jews and the communists. South Africa that suffered the apartheid regime for decades deserves the esteem of the world but one cannot forget that the corrupt regime and president Jacob Zuma whose country which was a non permanent member of the Security Council voted, for Resolution 1973, allowing military intervention in Libya, a NATO-led coalition to conduct fierce airstrikes against Libyan armed forces and the assassination of Kadaffi on October 20, 2011. What is distressing no country in the Arab Muslim world didn’t dare to challenge Israeli genocidal war against the Palestinians in particular the corrupt regimes in the Middle East which all of them are slavish states and proxy countries manoeuvred by the United states. Margaret Kimberly blames Biden, Blinken and the ruling political establishment for participating in Israeli genocidal war through destructive bombs but she didn’t understand that American politicians are but extras, puppets manipulated by puppeteers, that is the US big capital and the militaro industrial complex in the service of American imperialism.