War and Morality

At least 18 civilians have been killed and 13 more wounded as a result of a Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on Sunday as Ukrainian armed forces shelled Donetsk region 43 times in the last 24 hours, firing 161 projectiles.

It is not clear why Russia doesn’t deliver very severe strike to major Ukrainian cities, in particular Kiev inflicting huge destruction on both civilian and military facilities including killing civilians running counter to the proclaimed credo of Denis Pushlin and Russian military leadership naively seeking to spare civilian sufferings targeting only military facilities and infrastructures. While Pushlin and Putin are still keeping some moral in the ongoing NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine, Kiev regime forces and its western backers do not worry about moral and civilian lives as they continue to kill Russians and Russian speaking civilians in the Donbass. Russia must apply the credo in the war matter, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth without burdening oneself with moral principles. Following each shelling, the Donbass civilians are scared and they are asking themselves why Russia and Putin didn’t intervene in Ukraine 10 years ago, to prevent the establishment and the strengthening of Kiev neo nazi regime using the technique of regime change implemented by the US and its European proxies when it comes to get rid of disobedient and recalcitrant leaders and regimes as they did in Libya and Syria. In retrospect, Russia should have intervened not only the prevent the setting up of neo nazi regime in Kiev ten years ago but also it should have done something to prevent the expansion of NATO’s member states passing from 16 in 2004 to 30 in 2022 and 32 today. Of course one may wonder why Russia didn’t actively to prevent NATO ‘s expansion since 2004, it will be allowable to think that (1) Russia in 2004 and on was too weak to confront the West following Yeltsin’s disaster decade selling the Russian huge wealth to western multinationals in cooperation with the Russian compradore class and reducing the then global power of the USSR to the rank of western colony, (2) that the Russian president who took over the power in December 1999 was worrying with the building up of the economy and the strengthening of Russian military thanks to the state control over the two main resources, the gas and the oil before confronting the West