US secretary of war

The story of Austin’s hospitalization on January 1, the US secretary of so called defense, and the political media buzz that surrounds it, if it were not so tragic, it would be laughable. What it is more laughable, the American public must be kept informed of Austin’s health. Let us take first the term defense which is in fact inappropriate term, an euphemism to hid US endless wars. It is worth noticing that ill the end of the WWII, there was no secretary of defense, there was only secretary of war lasted from 1789 to 1947 1789 with Benjamin Lincoln and later Henry appointed Knox to serve as the early Secretary of War. In 1947, with the passing of the National security Act of 1947, the secretary of war was replaced by the secretary of Army and the secretary of Air which, along with the secretary of the Navy, have since 1949 been non-Cabinet subordinates under the secretary of defense, generally considered the direct successor to the secretary of war’s office although the secretary of defense took the secretary of war’s position in the Cabinet. The term defense must be exclusively used by states and countries victims of US endless wars such Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. When it comes to the American public, it is worth to precise that the so celled American public is reduced to amorphous mass, manipulated by the mass media of communications whose principal mission is brainwashing of the Americans to support genocidal US endless wars, for example, bombing Yugoslavia in 1999, invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria