France waiting for Bazoum and his “constitutional order”

French President Emmanuel Macron said that since his country doesn’t recognize the Nigerien military government, any redeployment of its forces might be done only “at the request of President Bazoum.” This statement is unrealistic and cannot be realized in this moment amid mouting popular anger not only in Niger but in all French former colonies. The current standoff between Niamey and Paris and the still french support for ousted president Bazoum considered by the Nigeriens as traitor calling for foreign military intervention showed African people that their continent is still colonized by former colonizers and they have to fight once more for a new and real independence different from the so called independence of 1960s revealing the continuing of colonialism under other hidden forms. Two days ago, attempt of coup d’état failed in Burkina Faso involving three military officers who recognized their planned coup. Protesters in Ndjamena who took to the streets requesting the expulsion of the French soldiers stationed in Tchad following the murder of Tchadian soldier by a french doctor, the circumstances of the incident are not so far clear.France