Africa needs a second wave of independence

Since the 2 Summit Russia-Africa on July 26-28, and the historical speech of Burkinabé young president per interim, Ibrahim Troaré, African people are looking once more for Moscow called for help to overcome the persistent squels of neo colonialism as the indepndence of the 1960s were of little use because the umbilical cordon between the former colonizers and the new emerging states have not been disrupted and new neo colonial ties were formed in the continuity of economic, political and ideological relationships of dependence vis a vis the old masters. The three military putschs Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger are the latest example of this awarness that African continent should achieve a second wave of independence, this time, a true and genuine independence the only way to start a new phase of economic developement and to grow far from foreign and neo colonialist influence. It is at this price that Africa will become a major in global geopolitics and international politics and Russia can help to achieve this goal.