Putin’s critic of Russophobia, Racism and neo nazism in the West

Addressing a plenary session of the International Russian People’s Council, Putin warned of Western attempts to sow division in the country and attempts to break its territory up along ethnic lines. We have all the Yugoslav’s case in memory when the West started to sow division among the different ethnicities composing the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia mostly after the death of his founder Marechal Tito. By denouncing Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo-Nazism becoming almost the official ideology of the Western ruling elites, Russian president aims right and names the things by their names. Russophobia doesn’t date from today, it is going back to the Bolshevik Revolution, and to the era of the USSR viewed as real threat to centuries of western hegemony and colonialism. Racism doesn’t date from today, it is going back to the end of the 19th century and even before, to the so called the century of Enlightenment (Siècle des Lumières) in the 18th century. The revival of neo Nazism goes back to the early 1970s with the nihilist surge of American conservative Revolution incarnated by Pinochet’s Chicago boys, the seizure of power by neo conservatives forces and parties, Reagan in the USA and Thatcher in GB. Concerning the western project to dismember Russia, it is not new as the plan to dismantle Russia goas back to the Bolshevik revolution, the support of the counter revolutionary forces of the White Russians (not to be confused with cocktail based on Vodka and Kahlua, coffee liqueur) to foreign intervention to crush the nascent Bolshevik revolution, and to proceed to the dismemberment of the Soviet Russia. As clearly explained by Alfred Sohn Rettel, who witnessed the rise of Nazi Germany, Hitler’s advent to power was supported by American and European bankers, industrials, corporations and multinationals who had lusted huge Russian underground and its raw materials used for the industries. During the USSR’s era, the collective West established plans aimed at the dismemberment of the big country in the world and the late Helene Carrère d’Encausse from Russian descent, whose family was White Russian, published her book, “L’empire éclaté” “the broken Empire” explaining the way leading to the dismantlement of the USSR by pitting the 130 ethnic groups composing Russia, each against other. Since the launch of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, numerous meetings organized by US and European think thank, took place in the USA AND Europe, especially in Poland and the Baltic states, with the main objective, how to implode the Russian federation by sowing ethnic discord as it was the case in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, in Libya and in Syria.