Sabotage of early Ukraine-Russia peace negotiations by Boris Johnson

Recent confessions made by senior Ukrainian lawmaker David Arakhamia that former UK warmonger PM Boris Johnson convinced Kiev in 2022 not to negotiate with Moscow and carry on fighting can be qualified Polichinelle secret (French expression meaning that all well informed people knew that but they want not to divulgate the news) while the two delegations were in the process to finalize the terms of the agreement,  Boris Johnson left London in a hurry to Kiev asking Kiev regime to halt the peace negotiations with Moscow. In this time, Russian forces were right next to Ukraine’s capital ready to enter the city before Moscow ordered to halt the hostilities in sign of good will and to promote efforts towards the resolution of the conflict. It was in this context of appeasement manifested by Moscow that the Russian armed forces withdrew from the vicinity of Kiev to be deployed on other fronts. In order to torpedo the current peace negotiations that Johnson ordered the British Intelligence agencies to engineer something that would excite popular emotions in the West thanks to the mainstream media controlled by NATO’S op psy. This was the so called Butcha massacre manufactured by both Ukrainian And western Intelligence operators. It is worth nothing that the mayor of Butcha denied in the time the allegations spread by NATO’s and western media. In order to understand the main reason Zelensky has obeyed Boris Johnson’s injunctions, no matter the huge losses of the Ukrainian armed forces, Ukraine’s president who was created overnight like Macron in France, is a businessman before being a politician, anxious to grow his real estate assets, as he is the owner of many properties in London and he was aiming to buy more properties thanks to the money of the West witnessed by the acquisition of new other properties in Egypt and Italy. The fatal decision imposed by Boris Johnson on his puppet has costed 400000 Ukrainian soldiers killed since February 2022, the destruction of Ukraine’s militaro-industrial complex coming from the Soviet era and the disintegration of the state caused by the amputation of four of its then prosperous regions which joined Russia on September 2022.