Israël Hamas conflict : Western binary mind

The current conflict between Israel and Hamas is a practical academic exercise of how propaganda works in general and the west binary mind in particular allowing a comparative with the ongoing Ukraine’s conflict and even back to all bloody wars waged by US and its European vassals Yugoslavia 1999,Iraq 1991, 2003, Libya, Syria. In the western mainstream media, so called journalists and one-sided pundits are just reading the script transmitted by NATO’s psychological warfare making believe to naïve and manipulated public opinion that on the morning of February 24, 2022, Putin, who, get bored after waking up, decided to launch military operation in Ukraine. Giving the main of propaganda aiming at manipulating and hyping and not rationally explaining the facts, the origin of the conflict which is US and European backed coup in Kiev in 2014  has been hidden allowing the spread and the dissemination of NATO’s binary narrative of Russian’s war of aggression against Kiev’s regime depicted as peaceful victim. It the current Arab Israeli conflict, western mainstream media are resorting to the same technique and manipulation of public opinion in US, its European and Israeli vassals aimed at hidden to the public opinion the roots of the present war in the Middle East going back to Balfour Declaration in 1917 supporting the creation of Jewish state in Palestine, becoming effective in 1948, the colonization of and usurpation of Palestinian lands. The binary mind, biased and one sided narrative appear when the western corrupt elites and their subservient mainstream media call the Ukrainians to resist till the last Ukrainian what they call Russian aggression while the same political establishment in US and Europe call Hamas terrorist organization to not resist Israeli colonisation and its war of aggression that lasts since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. While Netanyahu promised to transform Gaza into Rubbles and qualified the Gazans as “animal humans” the question that begs, what would be the reaction of the West if Russia has transformed the capital Kiev into rubbles ?